South Sudanese Student Kills 6 Kenyan Schoolmates In Turkana

News reaching our report desks have it that a South Sudanese understudy is in charge of a fatal assault on a Kenya boarding school, the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has affirmed.
The assault occurred at a school in the remote town of Lokichogio in Kenya’s Turkana district, near the fringe with South Sudan over the end of the week.
Mawien Makol says the government office in Nairobi has affirmed that the understudy executed some of his classmates and a security protect.

“A student was suspended by the administration of the school because of the issue that happened at the school and he was charged that he caused the problem. Then he was asked to go and bring who is the responsible person to him, but instead of coming with the person that is responsible for him, he went and brought two armed men and start attacking the school.”
“Four children were killed, some other were injured, and then thecpolice came in to rescue. He was caught and was taken to the police station, and then the villagers nearby the school, a mob of the people and attack the police and he was killed.”
However, Kenyan media report that six students and a security guard were killed in the incident.

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