Stereotypical Portrayal Traits of University and CampusStudents Not Welcoming


Stereotypical Portrayal Traits of University and Campus Students Not Welcoming
This is my last year at the college, and having been here throughout the previous four years, there are such a large number of cliché depictions that the general public holds for understudies at the college which should be rectified. We have perused stories from African books, of how the general public dependably met up to send and bolster their youngsters who figured out how to go to colleges. The entire society was constantly included in this, and they held a trust from that point that their children and girls would return and advantage

the entire society. It was with this trust they came in solidarity to bolster “their” kids.

Today in any case, that has changed over the periods. On the off chance that you go to the college today, it is altogether up to you or your folks. The group no more considerations. Being at the

college has additionally accompanied a considerable measure of obligations which have been laid upon those in the college. Greater part of the college understudies are in the young section and don’t work. The group all things considered sees them to be working and tend to exploit them, all the more so fiscally. Specialists and even the
basic ‘mother mboga’ all exploit understudies for the administrations they offer to them. Charge will dependably be trekked when a tout finds out  that two or three you set out toward town are understudies Landlords will raise house rents if the occupants are students.”Bodaboda” individuals won’t save you that morning when you miss a matatu.

Out of ignorance, most of these people believe that university students get paid because they have heard of HELB loans.
Quite worrying is the fact that some university students  admit to being left to survive on their own, from the moment they join campus, because apparently parents too are involved in such stereotypes. My question to them is, where do these parents expect their children to get money
from? Whenever they go home for recess, these students admit to taking the entire responsibilities of providing for their families.So do students go to work in their universities? The notion that students have lots of money
is a fallacy.
University students need to be loved once more, and they need the support of everyone in the community for a smooth learning as it was before. Being at the university should be considered a transition period and children should be supported in this. Let them not stop supporting university students, let the ‘harambees’ be held once again for these students. The society will surely get the best out
of this group if we regard them highly as before. They only need to be encouraged to work hard through campus and for sure, they will know they have only one responsibility andthat is that of paying back to the community that helped and supported them while in school.

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University students are not bad, they are not as violent as it’s thought of them, they do not lack moral standards, they are not hard-eyed, hard-headed, and they are not as arrogant as the community thinks .They are intellectuals, a people of sound mind with the ability to make positive differences in the near future and only need to be trusted with this. The community needs to place their faith in these students and they will obviously pay back for that faith at the end of their studies.
As a community, a time has come when we should change from our stereotypical portrayals of university students as generally bad and aspire to understand them. There is therefore a need for constant interaction between students at the university and the community to help achieve this.

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