T.I.D Vs RAY-C Beef and Replies

T.I.D Vs RAY-C Beef and Replies
After ray-c transforming from a keg drinker, mogoka chewer and smoking train while living in Ngara nairobi area and getting deported, she later heard that t.I.d had gotten on the same track as hers. She later tried to give advise to T.I.D, but things turned out to be a hot wrangle and beef between the two. T.I.D was angered by ray-c’s message on social media and this is what popular bongo celebrity T.I.D wrote as a reply to the empress ray-c.

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Later on, this is how Ray-C replied to T.I.D “Hi everyone!!! Asanteni kwa maombi yenu! Mama anaendelea vizuri Mungu ni Mwema….(na kuhusu @tidmnyama – Nimeona post yako, Asante kwa matusi yako ila sikua na nia mbaya tofauti na ulivyofikiria anyway Nakuombea kwa Mungu akuepushe na majanga ya dunia! Ubarikiwe sana babaa”

You Are free to comment and share. in my opinion I would tell TID to Behave like a grown up. A celeb and annartist abusing another celeb and an artist from the same nation, be it from another nation or diaspora ain’t acting mature at all.!!!’

T.I.D Vs RAY-C, peace!!

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"T.I.D Vs RAY-C Beef and Replies" by @wakenyanews

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