“Tahidi High is fake”, Wilbroda Shirandula

The challenge of being a Director of such a restrictive show as Tahidi High is the ability to keep the show interesting while letting go of
good talent when they grow of age. The show prides itself with major talents like Tanya, OJ, Shish etc, who had to go for having grown past
the high school going age. But of late, we have been seeing the same characters in the show for the past 4 years, yet technically, they are the same age as my Dad, while still pretending to be high school students.
Tahidi high is fake, says Wilbroda

Such was the observation made by Papa Shirandula’s Wilbroda who attacked the actors of the popular show, terming them to be as old as parents. Based on the people’s reaction after she made the comment, its quite clear that something needs to be done, maybe change the
name of the show to Gumbaru School as noted by one commentator Wilbroda’s comments aside, could there be some beaf between Tahidi High show actors and Papa Shirandula’s Actors given that both shows are competitive enough and airing on the same TV Station?

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"“Tahidi High is fake”, Wilbroda Shirandula" by @wakenyanews

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