Tamu-tamu Hotel in Kwa-Kairu Ruiru Burns to Ashes

Kwa-kairu Tamu Tamu prestige Hotel burns/ablaze

A popular hotel in Ruiru kwa-kairu area next to Kenyatta University Ruiru campus known by the name “Tamu-tamu prestige restaurant ” was burnt to ashes on Friday night 22nd July 2016 .

According to residents,  it is said that the fire started in the kitchen area and later on after it was dimmed,  started again in huge flames that was uncontrollable by the staff in the hotel.

However,  residents in the area tried to seize the fire but unfortunately,  they weren’t successful.  Despite the arrival of the fire extinguishers,  the process of putting off the fire went on from 11pm to 1:30am on 23rd July 2016.
Police unit as well arrived in time to try contain the situation and their response was supportive in the scene.

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Adjacent businesses like shops were also destroyed by the fire as goods worth a lot of money were reduced to ashes. The residents in the area were also supportive by all means in terms of trying to put the fire down and securing any valuables that could be seen in good status.

kwa-kairu Ruiru
Residents on Thika-road superhighway watching the fire

Tamu-tamu Hotel, kwa-kairu

Fire brigades arrive at Tamu-tamu Hotel ruiru

More news to follow

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