TEMPERATURES: Reason’s Why Its This Cold, And Why The Weather Ain’t Changing Any Time Soon


For those who are still asking why it is this cold than any other year before, then you have landed at the right place.

The wonder, which happens once every year, happens between June 17 and June 22 and it’s the point at which the tilt of Earth’s hub is generally disposed towards the sun, straightforwardly over the Tropic of Growth bringing about a taxing day of 17 hours of daylight.
This, in any case, means cold climate along the Equator and Southern Side of the equator with the meteorologist saying temperatures fell to under 10 degrees celcius in zones around Mt Kenya.

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On Saturday, the Representative Chief at Meteorological Division Diminish Ambeje told the Wakenya the low temperatures are ordinary in any case, it is relied upon to get colder as the customary July icy season formally kicks in one week from now.

“The variance is on an everyday premise except territories around the Arberdares particularly Nyahururu and Timboroa in Crack Valley in addition to the lake bowl where it will be coldest, temperatures will drop to even 5 degrees during the evening,” he said.

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