A man is only a man. Disregard his impressive mien, the new spring in his stride as he swaggers off, his resourcefulness, his intense vocals,his satisfying looks or his stupendous clothing standard. Recently cut that off.

Disgusting demeanor.
His dexterity interlaced with interest, could blow you into bits. He more likely than not endured a genuine heart crush at some point spirit. However, his masculinity debilitates his capacity to keep off ladies. He will get his disintegrated self, include an additional spot of cologne to his outfit and dive into a chasing spree.Nothing hypnotizes him than his attempt at manslaughter mission.
He guaranteed to care and cherish you regardless, he asserted that nothing would give him euphoria than having you in his arms, just to figure it out that he was only a bastard. In the wake of nailing you a decent one, ‘nyama kwa nyama he scatters from your life. Mission effectively finished. Fulfilled by retribution, he strolls into his organization of peers, and he reprimands it to whatever is left of the world. As his young men shower him with honors he disses you; how revolting you are, the way you were entreating him to succumb to you and how shoddy you are. He actually stoops your air, yet that is only a taste of the lemonade, more waste in transit.

My lady.
He is that desirous sort, yet extremely hypocritical.The sort that parchment
through your facebook, whatsapp, twitter and instant messages when you are snoozing to guarantee no man enters his royal residence. Whenever Pato, the gathering pioneer calls to illuminate you of a gathering meeting at night, he is all ears observing piercingly to see your outward appearance. His stringent nature constrains you to endure his needs. “Darling i like it when you are simply characteristic,” So would it be a good idea for you to quit doing make up to impress him? Never! Incomprehensibly, he is close behind of Nimo, that young lady with the greatest behind however brainless, who puts on figure embracing equips and applies thick layers of make up. “Na anakukazia” life? How close is he to your dynasty?He is not even an inaccessible in respect to you, only a more abnormal who needs to control you. You better free yourself.

Verbal looseness of the bowels.
He talks constantly. No space for you to say anything. Occupied with adulating
his moronic self, how the rich little girl of so as was biting the dust for him, how his stride close relative frequents Dubai. Truly, thats the slightest of your
concern. Izo ni mistari tupu, nothing material there, just to win trust and regard from you. He purchases you mutura yet brags to his companions of he how takes you for lunch get-together at Sarova. Only a major mouth loaded with void guarantees and over-envisioned considerations. He is a hotbed of fat lies that are exceptionally persuading. He ought to be mutilated My dear, try not to be tricked by his succulent words. Better the fallen angel you don’t know than the holy messenger you know.
He is so yesterday in the event that he thought you would fall prey.

Is it accurate to say that he isn’t?

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