The cost per show for these artists

Jewel Last year, Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz raised the execution rate card stakes to another level when he expressed that it would cost more or less Sh4 million to host him for a show in Kenya. What’s more, to get him to Kenya for an execution, you are required to fly him in — in the wake of paying for two top of the line and seven economy class air tickets — for his group of nine. Upon landing, you must give them with private autos to the length of time of their stay, in addition to settlement in a presidential suite and four additional twofold rooms and one single one, for his group. His new specialized rider requests that you give him two remote Sure Brand receivers, pioneer DJ blend machines with two decks and another mouthpiece, a glass stage with trussing and designed with LED tights with moving heads. The backstage ought to be very much outfitted with aerating and cooling and six staff, four being security, one server, and one delegate from the coordinators’ side, water, squeezes, and snacks. “Kindly maintain a strategic distance from bacon or any manifestation of pork-based suppers,” the card caution
The cost per show for these artists
The performance fee alone stands at Sh2.3 million, and the rates go up by Sh440,000 for anyone who has not booked in advance. All that for a two-hour performance during which no video shooting should be allowed unless there is a special arrangement. Other artistes borrowed a leaf and followed suit some with outrageous demands, others not so much. DNG, Shaffie, Jalang’o, Eric Omondi and Obina DNG has raised his emceeing rate by Sh100,000 to Sh300,000 per night and standardised the rate for both corporate and concert events. He also needs to have prior knowledge of who the suppliers at the event are. “There are some suppliers I cannot work with as they have history of shady delivery,” says DNG. You still need to organise – in cash – for a 50 per cent down payment with the remaining amount payable at least a week before the event, otherwise you risk DNG being a no-show, despite retaining all monies paid. The organiser has to provide him with a Beta 58A Cordless Microphone, new energizer batteries and four bottles of lukewarm water- either Dasani, Keringet or Kilimanjaro. If the event is out of town, the preferred mode of transport is by air, strictly Kenya Airways – as he is that patriotic – unless the airline does not ply the route in question. Accommodation has to be in a five star hotel. “The demands may seem outrageous, but they are there to safeguard our interests,” he explains. “It is a level of professionalism that one needs to get to before they make certain demands,” he notes. This is unlike his fellow MC, Shaffie Weru whose rate stands at an average of Sh80,000, and his only demands are all access passes for him and his entourage as well bottles of Jack Daniels. Comedian Obina ike Igwee’s rate is Sh100,000. He says that he only makes demands once he is sure he has the event. Radio host and comedian Jalang’o rakes in no less than Sh200,000 for an event, regardless of how long it runs. Size 8 and Avril It has been barely four years since secular star turned gospel ace Size 8 Reborn would fly to the Coast to hustle for a Sh30,000 show. Now, she asks for Sh200,000 for a playback, corporate performance. A live band corporate performance would cost Sh100,000 more, while an ordinary show would cost at least Sh150,000. Aside from that, she performs at charity events to support causes she believes in, especially those in line with supporting the girl child. Her basic technical rider is personal security. “As a female artiste, you should look out for your own safety,” she says. She also adds that it is for this same reason that she is always is in the company of at least two bodyguards whenever she is traveling. “I have also taken it upon myself to have a personal bodyguard in every county I perform in,” she says. Apart from that, she requires that the sound be of good quality. She will not dare book into a hotel that has not been fully paid for.
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