The diary of a psyched fresher.

The diary of a psyched fresher.
Time is a key factor in our lives.We are able to program our
activities based on time.However we sometime become time unconscious
cause of wrong priorities,medical condition and ignorance.In
campus,most students suffer time waste because of poor
priorities,,which affects their academic excellence.Have a look at

Get up at ten o’clock.After self preparation,attend a lecture till
one.In the afternoon,meet a couple of girlfriends for an exploration
in town.

As early as eight o’clock,visit the computer labs in the library.Must
upload my tuselfies on Instagram and Fb.Go for swimming in the
afternoon in my new bikini.

Visit the bank to withdraw my savings.Go for shopping in Thika Road
Mall.Must get the most fashionable outfits.Spend the better part of
the remaining time trying my new attires.

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Huh!!Group discussion at eleven,,must compile the researched work and
submit.Complete assignment and hand in during the lesson.WTF!Sit-in
Cat in the evening.Cant miss that one.

Sema furahi day.In high spirit and party mood.Attend the mid morning
lecture.Do some cleaning after class.Evening,join friends for a
houseparty.Kujibamba reloaded.

Hangover.Get up at 1p.m.Take lunch after self preparation.Invite
friends over to my room for mshene till 7p.m.Have a glimpse at the

Attend the morning mass.Fulfill my promise to those whom i was to
visit.Watch Empire on my roomie's laptop at night.

Well,thats all about having plenty of energy but using it
wrongly.Instead freshers should invest their time in clubs,games,or
socialize in a positive way.Remember time is limited.

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