The hustle during rehersal for Music Festivals

The hustle during rehearsal for Music Festivals Auditions!!Auditions!!

Notice boards go viral with such posters all over. Anticipating candidates must have loads of
confidence and with high self esteem so as to appear before the judges on
the real day. Group calling for auditions,are based on oral performance’s of solo verses,choral verses,different genres of songs. For the verses,they are preferably presented in English and Swahili.

Successful candidates are shortlisted and there names pinned on the notice board. The hustle begins…
Commitment is the driving factor. Success of one group depends on the
hard work and competence of each group member. Together with or without a cooperating patron,perfection has to be attained through all means possible. Each member must memorise the words of the item to be presented. It’s attained by forming Images,reading the words loud so that others can repeat. A stanza can be repeated severally so as to help the slow learners grab the content. One must pay attention to all
the punctuation marks,for originality.

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Every free time is utilized to its maximum.
Members go on food ban especially sugary ones for the sake of being
audible and voice projection. Instead hot water and lemons are consumed. After several days of practise the patron appoints the perfect ones to represent the school in various
competitions. When the words of the item sticks to the head,they work on body language,,intonation and input several gestures.Correction is accepted
from outsiders as well as members themselves.No hard feelings.

After all that input, several presentations are done before the
patron and other staff members…. henceforth ,you are good to go.Quite hell of a time ,but the job is well done.

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"The hustle during rehersal for Music Festivals" by @wakenyanews

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