THE TRUTH: What Singer Bahati Was Told By Uhuru Kenyatta At State House

Preaident Uhuru Kenyatta and Singer Bahati at State House, Oct 3rd 2016

– Gospel artist Bahati has opened up about his discussion with the president that they had outside Statehouse on lackey, third

– The artist shared through his Facebook portal that the president has promised to bolster him in his young profession as an art.

Gospel performer Bahati met with President Uhuru while speaking to the youth at the Youth Summit at State House in Nairobi on Monday, October 3.
“I promise to give you 100% support in your journey to greatness, count on me Bahati!!”

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The two were captioned together outside statehouse today and social media continued speculating about their discussion. Others guaranteed Bahati was being given a stern cautioning for his unseating demonstration of the president that started blended response a couple of weeks back.

“Almost shed a tear when president Uhuru Kenyatta said this to me minutes ago at state house Nairobi. Who’s like my God???” he wrote on Facebook.

Bahati, in any case, says it was a motivational talk that verging on moved him to tears.

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