These Are Kenya’s Top 10 Cheapest Towns To Live Financially


A year ago, an overview put Nairobi as the most costly city in Africa. In any case, since Nairobi is a brimming with extravagance does not imply that the typical cost for basic items in Kenya is high. Numerous towns in this nation have extremely moderate, from shoddy lodging to minimal effort of living models. A large portion of these are wide open towns that are home to a lion’s share of the Kenyan populace.

Vast populace of these towns rely on upon cultivating, fishing and at times, tourism for their neighborhood economy to develop. These are the most laid back, wonderful spots in enchanted Kenya.

Because of that, we have ordered a basic rundown including 10 of the least expensive Kenyan towns to live in, for local people and guests alike, in no specific request nor biasness:-

1. Nakuru

2. Kitale

3. Kabarnet

4. Kakamega

5. Eldoret

6. Nanyuki

7. Sagana

8. Kisumu City

9. Mombasa City

10. Naivasha

Now there you have it…


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