This Is The Trending Video Clip Of E.Omondi & Ndambuki – DOWNLOAD

Comedian Omondi


Just two months down the line, Ndambuki was arrested over such cases in “pwani”.
News coming in our news desk is one of the kinds we classify as disturbing news. According to one of our journalists, .Omondi and Ndambuki were involved in a dangerous clench hand battle over or about unpaid totals of money!!!!

One of the ladies who works with the crew told our sources that Omondi was claiming for his lump sum of money which she could not disclose to us at that very moment due to her personal security reasons.

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Below is the trending video clip you should watch that is raw or unedited. The video is not long but it is shocking and real indeed. Have a look in the link below:-

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"This Is The Trending Video Clip Of E.Omondi & Ndambuki – DOWNLOAD" by @wakenyanews

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