This Is The Most Loved Police In Nairobi Kenya, Dominic Mutune

Dominic Mutune the Lang’ata Deputy Divisional
Traffic Commander

Despite many people might have negative attitudes and mentalities towards police, those who know him are so much proud of him. He does his job very well despite all challenges faced by any other similar police  of his role-despite the fact that numerous Nairobians opposed it. You will see him, in his uniform, hand raised just to guarantee you arrive home or at work in time.

“The secret is to make sure everybody is performing, and nothing is obstructing the flow unless it is a grave matter, like say a fatal accident,” Mutune stated.
He added by saying this, “If we fail for few minutes during rush hours, the entire city is affected. Motorists will never overlap if the traffic is moving”.

Mutuna keeps an eye on the Lang’ata to Mbagathi road circuitous which is center to activity development in the city. He says his uncommon devotion originates from the way that activity growl up on Lang’ata street spirals out on Mombasa road, Uhuru highway, Mbagathi Way, Ngong road and somewhere down in the downtown area.

Mr. Mutune, with help of four other traffic officers, man the occupied and busy roundabouts from 5.30am morning till 9am when movement facilitates, some time recently returning for another movement from 3pm till late around evening time.

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"This Is The Most Loved Police In Nairobi Kenya, Dominic Mutune" by @wakenyanews

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