This Is The Trending Viral Letter That Was Sent To Mr. Matiangi And First Lady Margret Kenya


A letter provoked by the nippy climate to the Training Bureau Secretary Fred Matiang’i asking him consider presenting trousers as part of the uniform for kids going to open grade schools has gone viral.

The 248-word letter posted by Sam Gichuri, a concerned guardian, on his Facebook page on Friday and shared generally has produced face off regarding with some pushing for the thought while those against it saying the current students are experiencing what other people went through at the point when growing up.

Mr Gichuri, who additionally tended to First Woman Margaret Kenyatta, inquired them not to permit Kenya to lose its youngsters to “pneumonia on account of preventable things like school uniform.”

A year ago, pneumonia removed jungle fever as the top enemy of Kenyans as passings from HIV, tuberculosis (TB) and meningitis declined, concurring to Service of Wellbeing.

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“It’s 14 degrees today, this is how our sons are going to school. I have a pair of jeans, a sweater, leather jacket, scarf and a cup of tea on my desk every 30 minutes in a warm office, with real windows and I’m still struggling with the cold,” said Mr Gichuri.
“Most primary schools in Kenya have no windows, most children have torn shorts and no socks or shoes. It’s unreasonable for us to expect children to concentrate in class, we are exposing them to all kinds of respiratory infections and other medical conditions,” he added.

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"This Is The Trending Viral Letter That Was Sent To Mr. Matiangi And First Lady Margret Kenya" by @wakenyanews

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