This is What Made Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore To Shed Tears


“We always talk about music changing lives and then you see the
conditions some of these children exist in. I know many of them
personally so I know the difficulties they face, they can’t even take the
instruments home,” he mentioned.
“But when you see what they can produce and how they have
progressed in the three years we have been involved, you are moved to tears, it makes this job that we do tolerable,” he added.

Collymore was talking at a service where Safaricom gave over a check worth Sh7 million to Ghetto Works of art as continues from the Safaricom Global Jazz Celebration.
He likewise uncovered that the youthful artists are profiting by playing at gigs.

Bob Collymore continued by saying this, “We need to be careful because everybody wants to earn millions, but the fact of the matter is some of the kids have got their own bands, they get together and they play professional gigs. Some of them have been invited to go and play in Rome, so this is not just a slum classic thing,”.

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"This is What Made Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore To Shed Tears" by @wakenyanews

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