This Is What Moses Kuria Told Babu Owino In Their Phone Conversation

Babu Owino Reveals what they were talking with moses kuria in their phone conversation.

University of Nairobi students leader Babu Owino says Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria called him on telephone and welcomed him to “talk over an encouraging dish of porridge”.
Babu was on June 14 captured and taken to Kilimani Police headquarters after he made comments on June 13 that were termed as scorn discourse against Moses Kuria.

Babu Owino undermined unspecified activity against Kuria if the Gatundu South legislator did not stop to absolute polarizing comments against Restriction boss, Raila Odinga.

Babu Owino was kept for three days and later summoned some time recently
Nairobi Boss Judge Daniel Ogembo who requested him to store KSh100, 000 safeguard after he precluded a charge from claiming actuation to savagery. Equity Ogembo guided the trial to start on August 8.

All things considered, the ostentatious yet dubious understudy pioneer says he holds no resentment against Kuria – a political pioneer who was likewise captured what’s more, summoned in court for contempt discourse a week ago.

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Babu says he and Kuria will soon meet for a mug of porridge yet notes he “can’t apologize” for his comments made against the Gatundu South official.

“In our conversation, we acknowledged that Kenya is bigger than either of us and we need to unite the citizens. There is no bad blood between Moses Kuria and I. We will communicate in due course the day we’ll have our porridge.”

“On that day I had a meeting with the constituents of Embakasi East. Raila Odinga had invited me to join them at Kosewe hotel for the luncheon, but I could not make it. I was the only Kilimani one; the members of parliament were Pangani six,” Babu added.

More news to follow.

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