This Is What U.S Secretary of State John Kelly Will Be Doing In Nigeria During His Visit

U.S Secretary of State, John Kelly

This year(2016), numerous leaders from the United States of America have paid a visit to more than 10 African nations with a view of positive mentorship and development strategies.

United States Secretary of State, John Kerry is normal in Nigeria one week from now. John Kerry who is shall be arriving in the country’s capital, Abuja August 23-24, 2016, will hold converses with President Muhammadu Buhari on counter-terrorism endeavors, the Nigerian economy, the battle against corruption in Nigeria as well as human rights issues.

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Mr. Kerry will meet with a group of pre-adult young ladies attempting to change group recognitions that devalue the part of young ladies in the public domain. He will additionally meet with Northern Governors and religious leaders.

He will likewise be going to Sokoto, to convey a discourse on the significance of versatile groups and religious resilience in countering vicious radicalism.

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