This Is Why 2 Eritrean Women Came To Meet Hon. Mike Sonko


The straightforward Representative posted pictures of the visit on online networking, hopping on the viral pattern that represented online networking to improve things some portion of a week ago.

“I thought this #Eritrea trend was a joke until today when I got a courtesy call from two ladiws from Eritrea however I was somewhat confuses niwa rescue ama itakuwa aje?” posted Sonko.

The legislator kidded that had the two women been Kenyan, he would have been inspired to help them since they could vote in favor of him the forthcoming surveys.

“Wangekuwa Wakenya settling on choice could have been less demanding coz bado ingekuwa ni kura‚Ķ Nani ana structure nifanye associations?” finished up Sonko.

Here are Photographs from the visit:

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"This Is Why 2 Eritrean Women Came To Meet Hon. Mike Sonko" by @wakenyanews

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