This Is Why David Rudisha Has Been Arrested In UK

800m Olympics Record Breaker David Rudisha Arrested

News coming in indicate that Kenya’s 800m Olympic and Best on the globe/ worldwide Mr. David Rudisha was “significantly captured” by UK Police on Saturday night, 10th September 2016.

It was later answered to the public in general that Police Constable David Rudisha (by the way a Police officer himself) had been arrested for “over-speeding” in the city of Newcastle in the United Kingdom.

It later developed, be that as it may, that Record Setter and Breaker “King David’s” arrest was a consummately executed reputation stunt by the authorities, likely intended to buildup/ hype up the UK’s Extraordinary Great North Run marathon.

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Various pictures posted on Northumbia Police official Facebook page demonstrated David Rudisha and UK competitor Mo Farah being gathered together by the Police in the city.
This message has since been shared more than 10,000 times, adding him more than enough reputation and fame to the philanthropy sports event, which has been sorted out by the City’s Police office.

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