This is Why Dennis Okari And Betty Kyalo Marriage is On The Rocks


Nothing so sweet like being under a relationship that leads to marriage and an embracing beautiful wedding for the couples in the recent days. For Dennis Okari and Betty Kyalo, theirs was rated as the wedding of the year and it beyond any doubt delivered. It was a welcome just undertaking coming following quite a while of attention and even a few corporate patrons were wowed into the entire set up. Presently, it appears the couple of Dennis Onsarigo and Betty Kyallo, who at their best were among those’ perfect couples’ could be set out toward a separation.

The current matter is yet to be set up with sources near them referring to just hostile contrasts which is essentially the premise for numerous separation cases with famous people. Dear companions to the couple are cited as affirming that the two no more stay in the same house what’s more, work in various areas.
Another pointer that the marriage is not all blushing is the nonappearance of the regular sentimental notes and shares the two have had on online networking.

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While they would as a rule retweet each other and offer redesigns or like on account of Prezzo guard each other, it has been as icy as ice on that front for quite a while. In reality, the last time the couple shared anything on online networking was on January 8-9 when Denis Okari fiercely shielded Betty Kyallo from the raunchy demonstrations of a tipsy CMB Prezzo. This is the thing that he said at the time

And this is what Betty replied:-

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"This is Why Dennis Okari And Betty Kyalo Marriage is On The Rocks" by @wakenyanews

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