This Is Why First Lady Michelle Obama Is Trending Worldwide

Michelle Obama is among the top 10 most popular, famous, liked and respected woman across the globe/ worldwide.
US First Lady Michelle Obama on Thursday joined Ellen DeGeneres of the Ellen DeGeneres Show , for shopping at a nearby marketing mall. The pair went into the CVS to purchase a few things to what Ellen said was to set up the Main Woman for life after the White House.

Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres

Michelle was astonished to see wine bundled in a case, asking how individuals drink from wines in boxes.

“Wine in a box, how does it work, how do you get it out of there ” asked Mrs Obama.
Ellen proceeded to further prod Michelle while talking through a amplifier soliciting her what kind from cream she was requesting her rash.

“Michelle, what sort of cream do you require for that rash you were telling me about?” DeGeneres asked boisterously.

President Barrack Obama is set to complete his second term as the President of the United States one year from now in January, which will see him and his family emptying the White House.

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