This Is Why Kenyans Might Be Tired Of Sauti Sol Band CHOIRS

Sauti sol vs Upper Hill Students Cover

Competition is a good thing especially when it comes to growth and focus in numerous fields of interests.
On this note, the Kenya’s all young men band Sauti Sol have met their match in Upper hill Secondary School students who have outshone the band with their Kuliko Jana tune that has circulated around the web on online networking chat platforms e.g Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

The tune, mixed with noteworthy vocals belted out by the knh area students from upper hill, is the discussion of town. The video likewise includes an icing it as the students pillar with exquisite grins.

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Sauti Sol, went by their previous school in July and after their takeoff, their tune, Kuliko Jana, sung the Upper Hill students has been a most loved of online networking usesrs.

The students showed awesome ability and by August 3, the video had scooped more than 600 remarks and 250, 000 prospective and stable views on YouTube.
Sauti Sol got their aptitudes and sustained their music ability from Upper Hill School Choir taught by Philip “Filah” Tuju who is right now the music mentor at the school.

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