This Is Why Singer Ray C Was Arrested By Police In Dar Es Salaam

Singer Ray C is one of the popular female artists that brought up the wake of East African Music. Besides all,she is a model but does it while on her part time given that she still ranks higher than most Tanzanian ladies in beauty and fashion trends.
singer ray c Tanzania
Friday night captured by police after apparently losing control on the boulevards of Dar es Salaam. In a video, which has been broadly shared on online networking, the once commended artist is seen being captured and packaged into a police pick up. The artist, who is said to have been yelling that some individuals were out to grab her, seems distressed and stunned.

DRUG Fixation
Unsubstantiated reports show that Female Singer Ray C has fallen back to her medication fixation. Different reports have it that the artist’s mom has been searching for her, since she has not been seen at home for qiite some time.

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Tanzanian on-screen character, ESha Buheti, communicated her mistake after seeing the one-time top bongo artiste traumatic experience. Ray C has been battling with medication enslavement and in 2012 then President of Tanzania, Jakaya Kikwete, offered to pay for her medicinal bills of the songstress who was experiencing recovery.

The restoration appeared to have been going admirably and a year ago she made it to the front of True Love Magazine (April version) as she related her habit and right path to her recuperation.

More news reports to follow about these Celebrity from Tanzania.

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