Three arrested for attempted rape of a 2yrs old baby girl

Police officers in Buuri Constituency
of Meru County have arrested three
men who are alleged to have
repeatedly defiled a one and half-
year-old child leading to her death.
Detectives investigating the matter
said further investigations are
underway and the suspects will be
arraigned in court after the medics
are through with the DNA test to
have water tight evidence to nail
the culprits who defiled the minor.
According to Ann Kathambi 17, the
mother of the defiled child she had
domestic disagreements with her
husband John Mwiti 25, which
forced her to run from their house
and spent the night in a nearby
According to Kathambi who was
flanked by police officers and her
parents and the Meru Levelk Five
Hospital where DNA tests were
being carried out, the incident
happened at Kinoria Akuru village
in Nkando location.

“We have been living together for
the last two years and differences
started after one year into our
marriage. I had gone to the
hospital and left the child in the
custody of the father but when I
came back he started chasing me
with his brothers threatening to kill
me because I had left the child
behind”, said Kathambi.
Kathambi said his husband
confirmed that he had killed the
child and did not have any regrets
of doing so.
“I hid in a nearby bush when I
heard him saying this rubbish
needs to die and come out of this
world. He also said he can throw
the child away and I later saw him
walking away in the night with a
torch and when I came back in the
house the following morning I
found the child dead”, she said.
According to Florence Karambu the
deceased child’s grandmother, the
family had been embroiled in
disputes for three days until when
the husband and his brothers
chased him away with his brothers.
“After they chased her they went
ahead and defiled my grand
daughter. I feel bad as a parent
and as a mother of two other
children”, she said.

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