Nerea’s mother reaction towards her daughter’s condition

To my precious Daughter Nerea
Nerea’s mother reaction towards her daughter’s condition
” Nerea,how many times have i told u that men are dangerous and
rogue?Am mad at you for letting me down.Even after all the sacrifices and prayers,,u still walked straight into hell.You have watered all the pride i had in you and the respect i earned from people around. Our neighbors are happy about it cause they were jealous when you joined university.


Now ,tell me,,why didn’t you use protection? Why didn’t you choose
one of them my princess?Its incredible how six men boldly claim that the pregnancy belongs to either of them.
How happy i am that they have stood to their ground? .I beesech you not to abort cause we have to fix this before it gets out of
hands. Look here swee,,,,we have to fast and pray for a miracle.Lets
ask God to give you sixlets,so that each resembles the specific dad. So each one will have to cheap in somethn for the mother of their
sons…Ama?..Nerea ,,apo tutabenefit reloaded,   Love you darling.”

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Written By Beltinah Sasi

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