Top 10 Best Cartoonists In Kenya Of All Times

The words toon or cartoon may sounds funny and for a certain kind of age group but that’s not the case. It entails slot since it is art that is even studied in Universities however, it will depend with one’s specialization after his course. The craftsmanship does not by any means look infantile, possibly if it’s target group is youthful.

Kenyan cartoon artists or illustrators by and large generally draw their arts to pass a message, take a case the visual artists who draw in the article of our newspapers, their principle plan is to ridicule the current political and exonomical orientation of the nation or republic of Kenya.
Below is a list of the best cartoonists in Kenya for many years back and as at up to now:-
1. Frank Odoi (He was a legend in the industry, the he passed away)
2. Edward Gicheri Gitau (Taifa Leo)
3. Gado (Standard Media Group)
4. Stano (People’s Daily)
5. Munene Arts (NMG)
6. Maddo (The Standard Magazine)
7. Gammz ( Works with Gado, Standard Media Group)
8. Victor Ndula (The Star Magazine)
9. John Nyagah (Daily Nation)
10. Igah (Nation Media)

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