Top 10 Highest Paid Government Officials In Kenya

Government of Kenya Highest Paid 2016

The Republic of Kenya is among the most or highly rated developing countries in the African continent. Besides all, it is the most developing country in East and Eastern Africa.

In the year 2013, the national elections were held and Uhuru Kenyatta won as hence became the fourth sitting president of Kenya. Below are the remunerations of how the government officials in Kenya are being paid in terms of their salary per month.

Top 10 highest paid government officials in Kenya:-
1.) President of the Republic of Kenya 1,750,000
2.) Deputy President 1,487,500
3.) Speaker of the National Assembly 1,400,000
4.) Chief Justice 1,380,351
5.) Speaker of the Senate 1,375,439
6.) Cabinet Secretary 1,120,000
7.) Chief of Defence Forces 1,120,000
8.) County Governor 1,111,673
9.) Deputy Speaker of the Senate 1,107,509
10.) Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly 1,107,509

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