Top 10 Richest Countries in Africa 2016-2017

Africa is one of the world continents and is dominated by black people unlike any other continent in the world. Below, we have enlisted the top 10 richest countries in Africa 2016-2017 year according to the latest research and statistics.

Here’s the main 10 Richest Countries in Africa starting 2015 positioned by GDP per capita:

10) Algeria – $7,500 (GDP per capita) Algeria is the second biggest oil maker in Africa, and this records for most of the nation’s economy producing 70% of aggregate spending plan receipts. Notwithstanding this the nation has a gigantic supply in various minerals, including iron, lead, copper, zinc and mercury.

9) Namibia – $8,200 (GDP per capita) Whilst Namibia is one of the wealthiest nations in Africa pay is not uniformly dispersed with a large portion of the nation’s populace living underneath the destitution line. The economy is ruled by the generation of minerals with Namibia being one of the wealthiest places in Africa for key minerals. This is indicated by their position as one of the world’s most noteworthy quality makers of precious stones.

8) Tunisia – $9,900 (GDP per capita) The Tunisian economy is ruled by mining, assembling and tourism, which depicts the assorted financial market inside of the nation. The late ascent in tourism owes much to the nation’s position on the Mediterrnean cost and the shabby cost in examination to European nations that outskirt the Mediterranean. Another variable is the diverse social experience which has seen a flood of Western voyagers who need to experience a lively, yet distinctive, society..

7) Libya – $11,497 (GDP per capita) Libya’s position as one of Africa’s most prosperous nations owes much to two characterizing elements. Firstly, the nation has immense oil incomes which, combined with a little populace in correlation to its opponents, implies it has a high GDP per individual in examination to whatever remains of Africa. Likewise to South Africa, Libya is additionally characterized as an upper-center economy by South Africa.

6) South Africa – $11,914 (GDP per capita) South Africa is a double economy with one of the world’s most elevated imbalance rates, owing much to the historical backdrop of avoidance inside of the nation. The South African economy is the second biggest in Africa and the 28th-biggest on the planet, prompting the World Bank to rank it as an upper-center salary economy. This is however in opposition to the way that no less than a quarter of the nation’s populace is unemployed and living on not exactly US $1.25 every day.

5) Mauritius – $16,100 (GDP per capita) Mauritius put on this rundown owes all that much to the state of mind of its legislature.
Since the nation’s autonomy in 1968, progressions of governments have actualized free-advertise financial matters which have thusly made an exceedingly focused business. With no regular assets to misuse Mauritius economy has depended intensely on tourism, data innovation and money related administrations. A blasting economy has seen the nation additionally pull in heaps of remote speculators, seeing the World Bank rank it as a center wage economy.


4) Botswana – $17,101 (GDP per capita) Since picking up autonomy in 1966, Botswana has had one of the world’s most astounding financial development rates. This has seen Botswana changed from one of the poorest nations on the planet to a capable center wage economy, attributable to stringent monetary train and administration by the nation’s legislature. Whilst the economy is ruled by jewel mining, there are likewise solid cultivating, tourism and budgetary administration divisions. Despite the fact that the nation is in inconsiderate money related wellbeing; there is still has far to go to manage HIV/AIDS inside Botswana, with the nation having the second most astounding grown-up commonness rate on the planet.

3) Gabon – $20,612 (GDP per capita) Although Gabon has declining oil creation, it is still the fifth biggest oil maker in Sub—Saharan Africa. An over dependence on the oil area for as far back as 40 years has seen the nation endeavor to add to a more different economy, to little achievement as such. The high oil generation inside of the nation has helped them to create and advance the training framework inside of the nation. In spite of the fact that with oil stores running low upkeep of the educational system is starting to endure with no option subsidizing yet found.

2) Equatorial Guinea – $23,370 (GDP per capita) Equatorial Guinea owes its high position on this rundown to a little populace of only 736,296, which has likewise helped it to 32nd on the planet as far as GDP per capita. Whilst the nation has a generally low populace it has colossal oil holds and is one of the biggest oil makers in Africa. Whilst numerous would accept this to be reflected in the nation’s living conditions, disparity is overflowing inside of the nation with the administration and authorities famous for degenerate conduct. This implies that whilst the nation may rank exceedingly on this rundown most of the populace really live under the destitution line.

1) Seychelles – $25,229 (GDP per capita) With the most astounding total national output per capita, the Seychelles is positioned as the wealthiest nation in Africa. The nation is comprised of one-hundred and sixteen little islands with a populace of only 92,000 (starting 2012). This owes much to the sufficient open door for shipments and angling because of a plenty of coastline. Besides, the nation has long been known as a getaway for the rich and celebrated significance it contains various lodgings and shopping resorts. Seychelles has the best shorelines in Africa

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