Top 10 Richest Football Clubs 2017 – Forbes, Sky_sports


However, numerous clubs have dropped down in their statistics. These include Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, among others. Below is the latest metric analysis of the top 10 richest football clubs in the world of football. Have a look below:-

Forbes’ top 10 world’s most valuable football teams:
1. Real Madrid – 3.645 billion US dollars ($4.95billion)
2. Barcelona – 3.549bn dollars ($4.82bn)
3. Manchester United – 3.317bn dollars ($4.51bn)
4. Bayern Munich – 2.678bn dollars ($3.64bn)
5. Arsenal – 2.017bn dollars ($2.74bn)
6. Manchester City – 1.921bn dollars ($2.61bn)
7. Chelsea – 1.661bn dollars ($2.26bn)
8. Liverpool – 1.548bn dollar ($2.10bn)
9. Juventus – 1.299bn dollars ($1.76bn)
10. Tottenham – 1.017bn dollars ($1.38bn)

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