Top 20 World Richest Football Clubs 2017 2018

As per now, we are in the second league of the season and so we are heading to the end of the 2016-17 season and obviously its that time of the year when people start talking of which clubs is the biggest and richest globally.

Although its difficult to really pin point how much a clubs is valued because some numerous and different factors, according to FORBES AND SKYSPORTS, our freelance journalists managed to get their data.

According to reports from Europe, news has it that the listed football clubs below are perfectly ranked according to their yearly revenue as per now. Real Madrid maintained their position as by the previous year(s) as Barcelona jumped up from fourth position to second.
Arsenal football club rose in their rank from seventh to fourth which was an impressive graph race for the past one year.

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Below are the top 20 richest football clubs in the world as by 2017.


1 👉 Real Madrid
2 👉 FC Barcelona
3 👉 Arsenal
4 👉 FC Bayern Munich
5 👉 Manchester City
6 👉 Manchester United
7 👉 Chelsea
8 👉 Liverpool
9 👉 Juventus
10 👉 AC Milan
11 👉 Borussia Dortmund
12 👉 Paris Saint Germain
13 👉 Tottenham Hotspurs
14 👉 FC Schalke 04
15 👉 Inter Milan
16 👉 Atletico Madrid
17 👉 Napoli
18 👉 Newcastle United
19 👉 West Ham United
20 👉 Galatasaray


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