Top 5 most sensational entertaiment groups in the 254.

Top 5 most sensational entertaiment groups in the 254.
You cant stop singing cause their songs keep ringing in your
head.These are the most cherished entertaiment groups in the music
industry that have got you glued on TV ,turn up your radio into loud
volumes,,,and at the your mouths at their new hits.They are;

1.Sauti Sol.

The name means "voices under the sun" which originates from
sauti for`voice' in swahili and sol for`sun' in spanish.Its an
afro-pop band made up of vocalists;Willis Chimano (the
shortest),Delvin Mudiga,Bien-Aime Barasa( the tallest) and the
guitarist Polycarp Otieno.
Some of their popular songs are ,Money lover,Nishike,sura yako,and the
latest Nerea, featuring Amos and Josh.
They have won many awards and this year,`sura yako'has been
nominated for the best EA song in Kilimanjaro Tanzania music
awards.Vote!vote!vote like never before.


Pronounced as IYLAANIY.It means the "Light",a varient form
of English Eleanor,which means bright one or shining one.The lovely
band is made up of Maureen Kunga,Wambui Ngige and Brian Chweya.Their most renown tunes are,Jana usiku,Milele and Barua.Last year they were
nominated for the Channel O Africa Music Video
Awards together with sauti sol.We can never have enough of their sweet tunes.

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3.H_art the band.
They rocked us with `Uliza kiatu' and now `Nikikutamaza'.Their
style of music clearly depicts their ultimate creativity.Its an all
male band with Mordecai,Wachira and Kenchez;a self taught
guitarist.The spoken word poetry in their jams gets their fans jazzed
as it brings out creativity in a unique way.They have been nominated
in the mdundo awards.Lets give them full support.


Nicknamed as kansoul ya mafisi cause their mistaris are sensationally
suggestive.It consists of Mejja,Madraxx and Korra.With catchy video
clips,,their latest jams like,,Dabo tap,Nyongwa and Thitima,have sold
out all over.Cant wait for their next big thing.

Its a kenyan hiphop group with rappers;Frasha,Gabu and BonEye.Their
tunes which are club bangers include You guy dat Dendai and
Wekaweka,,keeps their fans fully entertained.Its a one of a kind crew,with touchy messages
in their rap lines.

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