Top 5 Signs Someone Is Trying To Win Your Heart

In day to day life, everyone needs one another so as to have a good, happy and healthy lifestyle. With the saying no man is an island, also no woman can do without a man or a male counterpart. Despite we get caught up with our daily life chores, love is still a fundamental moral that encompasses us all. Love can be noticed or identified anywhere instantly or by time be it at our places of work, where we live, at school or even somewhere outdoors.
In this article, we are going to highlight 5 signs that someone is trying to win your heart. Have a look at them beneath:-

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1.) He or she listens to you intently
2.) He or she makes sure you have direct eye contacts
3.) He or she is interested in your hobbies and past times
4.) He or she brings you the things you like
5.) He or she compliments you and your deeds
6.) He or she signals you through body language.

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"Top 5 Signs Someone Is Trying To Win Your Heart" by @wakenyanews

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