Top Kenyan Singer Falls in Love With Man She Ignored For 5 Years


5 years ago, Alvina Gachugu enrolled for vocal classes at Kamata music school and studio after being rejected twice for the school choir in high school. Since then she has become one of the most recognized celebrities in Kenya that we could not fail to notice the new man in her life…

Abrah Bino and Singer Alvina Gachugu

Abrah Bino first met Alvina Gachugu at the music school in 2011 where he playfully hit on her. Alvina had no time for such as she was determined to focus on what brought her there that things did not turn out so pleasant for our young man from Coast named Abdulrahman Ahmed by birth. She wrote long paragraphs to him on WhatsApp citing how men ruined lives and blocked him everywhere.

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“I was determined not to let history repeat itself so at the time I thought the best thing to do was to shun all men who weren’t on the same path as me.”

Flash forward to 2016 where she heard his song “Nirudie” for the first time realizing he was actually a talented musician but just didn’t blow his own trumpet. She felt guilty after realizing he was still blocked on WhatsApp and for ignoring him all the while judging him harshly based on his demeanor and approach.

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She asked for forgiveness and has since then been posting about how she got to know who he really was. So fellas, never give up! “Pia wako ataingia box tu ukiimba bongo.”


Abrah Bino and Alvina Gachugu

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