Top Most Watched TV Stations 2016-2017 Kenya

The most hilarious thing is that in Nairobi county, most people prefer watching movies and documentaries over on air live TV programs. On the other hand, citizens in upper country prefer to watch TV stations so as to catch up with the trending news and stories especially those happening in the country’s capital, Nairobi city.
WakenyaCitizen TV is recorded as the most watched station in Kenya. NTV’s Churchill Show brags high evaluations for station on Sunday night with an normal of 1.87 million viewers. A report by GeoPoll discharged Wednesday July, 2015 appears normal TV evaluations for the top TV stations in Kenya from April 1st – December 30 th 2015.
The following are the highlights of the report: wakenya

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In any case, from April – June 2015, Citizen TV recovered its number one position. KBC and K24 have lost a significant part of the group of onlookers they had picked up amid the close.

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