Trending Video Clip of The Kenyan Man In USA Who Cried Endlessly at His Own Wedding


The 23-year-old shot back that, really, he was simply contemplating his better half A man from Austin, Texas, had an incredible rebound for a Twitter account that ridiculed him for crying on his big day.

Adam Harris’ wedding photo man caught his passionate response to seeing his better half stroll down the passageway in an inspiring arrangement of pictures, however when the photos discovered their direction on the web, one ‘meninist’, Twitter account jabbed fun at the couple, addressing 23-year-old Adam’s earnestness.

Posting three pictures of Adam tearing up at seeing his significant other, along with one of the lady of the hour, Tisa, in her wedding outfit, the individual behind the rough Twitter account remarked: ‘He’s reasoning about all the side chiqs he needs to surrender.

The MeninistTweet account, which takes its name from the meninist, a gathering of men who are , is eminent for posting content that are brimming with jokes about ladies.

Be that as it may, Adam didn’t kick back and let the snarky account get the last word, taking to his own particular Twitter record to hit back at post with one of his own, composition: