Trending Video: Larry Madowo Exposed By His Pregnant Side Chiq – WATCH CLIP

Popular and well known NTV Presenter and Journalist Larry Madowo, was caught pants down in a somewhat sensational scene while facilitating his well known TV Show The Trend at the Manor Rosa Kempinski Lodging on Friday night.

Larry Madowo Exposed by Her Pregnant girlfriend

An irate lady shouting on top of her voice raged Madowo’s live set blaming him for impregnating her and abandoning her out of their relationship knot affair. This is what she said,” “The whole of Kenya must know that this guy got me pregnant. He is not picking my calls, he is not answering my text messages. And you are laughing, Larry you are laughing.”

The irritated woman distinguished as Lulu made the show halt, even snatched Madowo’s mouthpiece as he attempted to take a business break to make time to expel her from the stage.

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A befuddled Madowo had no clue about what was going on and could just grin to conceal the humiliating scene caught on live television. Endeavors to get Lulu off the stage were worthless in this way Madowo attempted to escape the set yet was snatched back in front of an audience by the started up lady.

The show which continued for just about four minutes was halted when Lulu tossed a letter towards Madowo. Nivea Kenya company were also shocked on Larry Madowo’s response despite he played it cool.

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