Trending VIDEO Of The KTN Actor Who Was Roughly Beaten In Nyayo Estate

Suleiman Sheriff, KTN Actor

Many celebrities are always not lucky especially when it comes to gossips and other news relating them on the public watch out. This is because they are always followed by their fans on their day to day lifestyle affairs, how they make it to the limelight, their backgrounds, and many more.

Suleiman Sheriff KTN Actor

The youthful young person by the name Suleiman Sheriff was busted attempting to get into a persons house-up in Nyayo Estate, Nairobi County to professedly take. The young lad is famously known as a key host on KTN kids show called Junior and he passes by the name Baken in the show.

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His character in the show is that of a hooligan. According to other numerous sources, it is said that he had gone to visit a young lady in the house.

In any case, he got the dramatic beating of the fury of the security watchmen of the bequest. Below, we have a footage of how it went down on the young lad.

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"Trending VIDEO Of The KTN Actor Who Was Roughly Beaten In Nyayo Estate" by @wakenyanews

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