U.S warns Yoweri Museveni over Election Conducts to Besigye, and Social Media Shut Down


Early returns put Museveni in front of restriction pioneer Kizza Besigye, however, votes are still to be thrown and numbered in Besigye fortifications.
With results from around 47 for each penny of surveying stations over the nation checked, Museveni had around 63 for every penny of the vote, with Besigye winning around 33 for each penny, the decision commission said late
today. Last results are normal on Saturday.
Police encompassed the home office of Besigye’s Forum for Democratic Change party as he was meeting with gathering individuals, and a helicopter let go nerve gas at a group outside. Police then moved in and took Besigye, a 59-year-old specialist, to an obscure area, as indicated by Semujju Nganda, a representative for the FDC.

US Secretary of State John Kerry talked via telephone Friday with Museveni ‘ to underscore that Uganda’s progress depends on adherence to democratic principles in the ongoing election process, ,’ the US State Division said.
Kerry ‘communicated his worry about the detainments of … Besigye and provocation of resistance gathering individuals amid voting and counting and encouraged President Museveni to control the police and security strengths.’
The US Embassy said on Twitter: ‘ We strongly condemn the disproportionate police action taken today at FDC HQ in Kampala.’

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"U.S warns Yoweri Museveni over Election Conducts to Besigye, and Social Media Shut Down" by @wakenyanews

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