Uganda Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura Arrested in Rwanda over ICC Case.

Ugandan IGP Kale Kayihura

According to news reaching us, its indicated that The Rwanda Police Administration has arrested Ugandan IGP Kale Kayihura for the International Criminal Court after IGP neglected to respect its welcome weeks prior.

Ugandans were on a month ago treated to stunning scenes of police officers caning supporters of Opposition Leader, Dr Kizza Besigye, in separate occurrences in Kampala.

Police boss Kale Kayihura called a public interview at the police base camp in Naguru in days after the fact and showed that the beating of regular citizens, which has been generally censured by people in general and human rights activists, were carried on per his directions and sees nothing amiss with it.

The Uganda Police Force was caught on cameras beating a few supporters of Opposition Leader Kizza Besigye’s fans as they commended his arrival from jail. Some police men on a police watch truck whose number plate is UP 4916 are seen canning street side supporters in a move to clear the street for an escort to pass.


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