Uhuru Kenyatta Awards Kenya Rugby 7s, + 20th April 2016 Holiday


Kenya rugby players will drive to the bank in fresh out of the box new Toyota Prado SUVs that President Uhuru just purchased them!
Kenya rugby group impacted the world forever winning the principal Primary Container when they beat islanders Fiji to lift Singapore7s trophy.
President Uhuru rushed to act after the memorable win and astonished the rugby players with treats that will rouse them to win more trophies.
The following is a rundown of endowments and promises Uhuru has made to the Kenya 7s rugby group:

1. An armada of fresh out of the plastic new Toyota Prado every costing Kes 6 Million
The 12-man squad in addition to the instructing staff will be given 4×4 Toyota Prado by President Uhuru at a service that will be held at State House on Thursday.
The state has likewise paid for the vehicles’ protection spread for a long time in addition different expenses. Rugby players will be driving home in their new SUVs everything dealt with.

Uhuru Awards kenya rugby 7s team

2. No duty for rugby players
The president has promised to evacuate charge on compensations and recompenses for all rugby players the length of they continue winning trophies in HSBC World Rugby Sevens Arrangement.

3. Open occasion
The President has coordinated that Wednesday twentieth April 2016 to be announced open occasion in acknowledgment of the notable accomplishment by Kenya rugby players.
Kenyans will accumulate at the notable Uhuru Park for a national festivity and later on at KICC for photograph shoot with rugby players.

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4. Facelift for rugby stadia
President Uhuru has guaranteed to get a 50,000 limit world class rugby stadium at Impala Grounds.

The president says his administration will put resources into rugby stadia and preparing offices with the expectation that Kenya will have HSBC World Rugby Sevens Arrangement in coming days.

5. Classes for rugby
The president says rugby as a game will be fused in school educational programs in that every single grade school will be constrained to play the sport.
The thought is to prepare players from a young age furthermore ensure the nation has persistent supply of Injeras and Khayanges.

6. Lifetime therapeutic cover and recompense Uhuru made it clear that no rugby player will end up resembling cricketer Maurice Odumbe. Rugby players who make Kenya sparkle at universal stage will be given recompenses and medicinal cover even when they resign from the game.

Ahem, this is only a sarcastic article. President Uhuru hasn’t made any of the above promises however I wish he would have done that as of now.

Congolese president Joseph Kabila recompensed DR. Congo’s national football group with Prados after the group won African Countries Title (CHAN) that were held in Rwanda.
Congo is much poorer than Kenya yet their leader gave a 30-man football squad in addition to the training staff Toyota Prados every, why can’t Uhuru do that for our rugby group??


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