Uhuru Kenyatta handS over EAC seat to Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete

Uhuru Kenyatta is set to hand over the EAC in 20th nest month. One is only able to have the seat for a year hence he or she should hand it over to other states. Kenya President failed to hand over to Kikwete in December because the latter was hospitilised in the US. Consequently, the EAC Heads of State summit, which the EAC Treaty demands physical presence of all the five EAC presidents, failed to take place, ushering in a period of uncertainty as there was no word from the summit. “The summit will be held next month. It will mark the completion of the process which began in December where the chairmanship of the Council of Ministers has already been handed over to Tanzania,” said EAC Affairs Cabinet Secretary Phyllis Kandie. “Kenya is handing over after one year of marked success where the country fast-tracked the free movement of goods and people across the border, deepened integration and carried out infrastructure improvements,” she added. Ms Kandie said Uhuru had disabused the notion that EAC is only for the political class, saying a lot of sensitisation has been going on among the citizens of the three countries during his tenure. “Last year (2013-14), the President led the other partner states in signing the Monetary Union protocol and now a number of EAC countries are in the process of ratifying the protocol,” she said.

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"Uhuru Kenyatta handS over EAC seat to Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete" by @wakenyanews

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