UNBELIEVABLE!! This Is Why Wahu Wants To Send Her Daughter To a Children’s Home

Not all that glitters might be Gold to you or on whatever seems to be as one may perceive. Vocalist Wahu is an envoy/ ambassador of the Baby Love Networks and regularly writes on her two kids Tumiso and Nyakio. Artist Wahu Kagwi’s little girl Tumiso embarrassed and humiliated her mother live on Facebook saying she puts on make-up in light of the fact that she supposes she is definitely not lovely and cute, reason why Wahu might be planning to send her daughter to a boarding school, far away from her or a children’s home.
Wahu to send her daughter to children's homeWahu, who is an ambassador on a Parenting Group and Website, was shooting a live video when Tumiso interrupted as she requested consent to fabricate specialties in the house.
The young daughter assumed control over the Facebook live video for quite a long time as fans welcomed her. She went ahead to disclose to Wahu that she put on make-up for the live video since she supposes she is not beautiful.

Wahu Kagwi and Tumiso

Wahu wanted to pursue Tumiso away as fans continued irritating her that she permits her on the live video. She was recording a video on the Kenya she needs for her youngsters where she discussed the inspiration her little girls give her.
Below is the video:

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"UNBELIEVABLE!! This Is Why Wahu Wants To Send Her Daughter To a Children’s Home" by @wakenyanews

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