VALENTINES 2016 FACTS: Types of Ladies To Avoid This Valentines – MEN, A MUST READ TIPS

Men of their word, there are sure sorts of young ladies you ought to avoid this coming Sunday. These are the ladies that will screw you over, utilizing the words “love” and “bae” just to increase material motivating forces and abandon you overflowing with misgiving. Valentine’s 2016 facts: The types of Ladies To Avoid This Valentines are of various categories or types in relation to their characters.  Men, a must read tips are here with you.

Ladies esteem Valentines day pretty much as much as they esteem weddings. A chic will give it her best shot to ensure that day turns out well for her, regardless of the possibility that it implies having to utilize an arbitrary nigga
In the event that you think about your pocket, here are a few ladies to evade.

1. The ‘Miss Hard-To-Get’ : You have been ‘katiaing’ her following the day Moses climbed Mount Sinai however she has been playing feline promotion mouse with you. At that point unexpectedly, she has consented to see you for the current week. The previous evening she called you by means of WhatsApp with ”Hey bae, Valz unanipeleka wapi?” My companion, generally as a school child would let you know, run as quick as your weak legs can convey you.

2. The chic that rejected you ‘kitambo‘. At that point there’s that chic who You tongue in cheek called your sweet heart or possibly hit her up with some messy messages yet she erupted in outrage and expelled you to her boycott. She has been impartial in corresponding with you, even heading off to the degree of utilizing monosyllabic answers for you messages like ‘K’..
For the current week, she messages you with ” sweetheart umenitupa na kuninyamazia aje”… Suddenly turns into a vivacious babble and doesn’t make utilization of monosyllabic words to answer any longer. This is only one of those signs that she’s prepping you to be her valentine’s friend in need. Brother… … hinder the bish and go eat

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3. The faker. She companion zoned you quite a while back however now she’s acting like your better half, while putting you with lovey dovey things. She is notwithstanding utilizing your photo as her profile pic on WhatsApp while remarking on all your Facebook announcements. “Mchapie ajitembeze”

4. The chic who’s simply searching for an arrangement. She begins letting you know about her issues with her sweetheart and that she needs a break from him. Brother, ask yourself. Why should the fortuitous event be on
Valentine’s week? Disregard her and converse with her after valentines. At that point check whether she’ll react.
She presumably won’t on the grounds that she’ll have become back with her pal who was with another chic on the enormous day.

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