Video: President Uhuru Kenyatta Dancing to ‘Karibu Nairobi’ by Jua Cali

President Uhuru Kenyatta is actually the best and most loved among all the African countries by his and her fellow nation citizens. His performance in office has really been good and nevertheless, interacting with youths that rewards him bonus points than any other sitting president, trust me.

Forget about Otonglo, forget about the kibera cleanup projects, forget about the nations reputation build up trips abroad, the free medical unit project for women and the nation as a whole to all citizens, laptop offsets that are now on use in various schools, etc. President Uhuru has brought very numerous changes and developments in the beautiful country of Kenya.

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According to me, he should be there for longer years than ten, at least a minimum of 10 years for his good job.

Anyway, leave that aside; Recently, he was spotted Dancing to ‘Karibu Nairobi’ by Jua Cali as indicated here. If you missed it, this is the right chance for you to have the awareness of what happened for real.


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