Warren Kizza Besigye Kifefe Biography


In 1998, Besigye married Winnie Byanyima , a former Member of Parliament for Mbarara Municipality and the first female aeronautics engineer in Uganda. Museveni at his youthful stage used to live with the Byanyima family in the 1960s. A boy, Anselm Besigye, was born to Kizza Besigye and Winnie Byanyima in September 1998.

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"Warren Kizza Besigye Kifefe Biography" by @wakenyanews

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#UgandaDecides:Kizza Besigye, was once Yoweri Museveni’s personal doctor

#UgandaDecides: Kizza Besigye, who is Yoweri Musevenis election competitor again in the 2016 Uganda national presidential elections, was once Yoweri Museveni's personal doctor.