Wema Sepetu loses Her Unborn Twins


Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu and her superstar boyfriend Idris Sultan are mourning the death of their unborn twins.
Speaking to Tanzania’s Global Publishers, a close ally of the model said that Wema was in good condition when they last went out for a party at Maraha in Dar es Salaam.

“I was with Wema attending an event for Team Bella and she seemed fine and happy. What was surprising though is that the entire time she did not take alcohol as she did before,” said the
Wema and Idriss’ relationship made news after the two were spotted together severally by Bongo tabloids.
Wema, Diamond Platnumz’s ex-girlfriend, confirmed the relationship revealing that she was expecting Idriss’ child.
A reliable source who spoke to the outlet pointed out that Wema’s health condition had changed drastically; she started having stomach
cramps and was immediately rushed to hospital but it was too late.
Never had I seen Wema and Idriss cry with so much pain like this.
It’s very easy for people who have not undergone this to think that Wema is just putting an act for people. But if you are someone close to them like me, you could have seen the pain that the couple was going through,” added the source.
Wema took to her social media page and posted that indeed she had lost her unborn twins.

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