Wenger Confirms The Duration Arsenal Will Play Without Defender Mustafi

Arsenal football club are still among the top England teams which are still in position to win the EPL trophy. However, arsenal are facing a tough time ahead of their matches following the absent of their German center back Mustafi.

Shkodran Mustafi will miss the bustling Christmas time frame after Arsenal’s supervisor Arsene Wenger affirmed that the defender will be out for no less than three weeks with a hamstring strain.

Mustafi endured the misfortune in Saturday’s 3-1 win at home to Stoke City, which sent his side to the highest point of the EPL table yet, he will be inaccessible for up and coming clashes against Everton, Manchester City and West Brom FC.

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Manager Arsene Wenger confirmed that the German player was not undergoing any injury from the Champions league clash in Switzerland against FC Basel in the midweek and the center back had proclaimed he was fit to play.


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"Wenger Confirms The Duration Arsenal Will Play Without Defender Mustafi" by @wakenyanews

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