Western Kenya Man in Jail After Murdering His Own Brother

It is very sad to hear of such a case whereby a blood brother has just brought to an end a life if his or her family member. Indeed it is very sad and disturbing news especially in these tough times when we all need to be or act as brothers and sisters all over the world.

As per close relatives, dramatization followed when the perished, distinguished as Edward Shitanda, returned home plastered brave his senior kin for a battle.

“His senior sibling was asking him for what good reason he had his pair trouser on when he returned home smashed,” clarified an onlooker.

The relative included that soon after the squabble, they discovered that the more youthful sibling was wounded.

Malava OCPD, Anne Muria, said she can’t remark on the episode as examinations are still in progress. The assortment of Shitanda has been taken to Kakamega General Hospital Morgue for conservation.

Police say the suspect was captured and is being held at Malava police headquarters.


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"Western Kenya Man in Jail After Murdering His Own Brother" by @wakenyanews

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