What Elani Have Been doing to Gain fame despite Their Rivals

Singing trio, Elani has spelt the beans on their mojo. The group has been very successful with their music winning the hearts of many.

Elani has completely revolutionized the way we perceive musicians and music at large. With many people thinking musicians are only a bunch of “average” educated fellows, Elani came forward to demystify the notion.

Perhaps they are the most educated musicians. Two advocates and one actuarial scientist, Elani definitely belong in some glass office in one of the city’s skyscrapers.

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Even so, they attribute their music success to their education. Elani disclosed without education they wouldn’t be able to think the way they do.

“Education is very important. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to think the way we think. You can achieve your dreams beyond your wildest imaginations. You only have to keep working, apply yourself and make sure you have your eyes on the prize. We regard highly all those who graduate after putting in so much” wrote Elani.


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"What Elani Have Been doing to Gain fame despite Their Rivals" by @wakenyanews

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